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This article is designed for instruction on how to setup the High Definition Audio Stream from your PC to your Home Theatre / Audio System. Discover the music you never heard on your Vinyl Records, or even on CD. This setup will show you how to configure your PC to deliver “Studio Quality”, 24 bit, 48,000 Hz sampling rate sound to your Home Theatre / Audio System. And this sound quality is awesome!

The instructions in this article are based on the MS-VISTA OS and the Realtek High Definition Audio Device, for demonstration purposes. However, this configuration will work and be setup very similar for the various High Definition Audio devices which come installed on most new entry level PC configurations, or older versions that contain the HD Audio. Most likely you will need only to purchase (1) HDMI cable to make this amazing sound happen. The first step in this setup is to determine if you have the current HD Audio chipset, and drivers installed on your PC. You will also need to verify you have an HDMI output on the PC. This is found on the motherboard and can be viewed on the rear of the PC case. You would normally use this output to attach your HD PC monitor, however, you most likely can use the motherboard DVI or VGA output for your monitor which will free up this output for streaming the HD Sound to your Audio System. You also need to verify that the Home Theatre system has an HDMI input available. After you have verified your HDMI input on the Audio System and the HDMI output on the PC, connect your cable between the PC output and Audio System input.

At this point in the setup, you just need to check the Audio Configuration, and adjust if necessary, and then you will be into the R&R, R&B, and any other of the music styles available. To verify the current configuration of the sound on your PC. Click on Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound. Under the Hardware and Sound heading, the 3rd option down is Sound, and to the far right you will see Manage Audio Devices. You will most likely see a list of installed devices. Click on the Digital Output Device (HDMI) to configure. Click on the Properties button in the Controller Information Section.Have a look at  multiple room audio  for more info on this.

In the High Definition Audio Device, verify that you have the High Definition Device installed, and the device is working properly. Then click the Driver tab next to the General tab, and update device drivers if necessary. That’s it and now you should be ready to Listen to the Music. A couple of quick tips, make sure you have any other speakers on your PC disconnected from the back of the PC, and any headsets too!

Reboot your PC making sure your HDMI is connected to your PC and Audio System. Make sure the audio is turned on, and the HDMI function is selected as the sound source on your Home Theatre / Audio System. When the system reboots, you will be able to hear the MS-Windows sound. If not, check to make sure that your sound is turned up for both the PC and Home Theatre / Audio system.

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